What is YuzuSwap?

YuzuSwap is a decentralized exchange on the Oasis Emerald paratime that includes incentives like liquidity & and trade mining. YuzuSwap follows a non-custodial, peer-to-peer, automated-market-maker model, and aims to provide a safe, swift, low-cost tool to discover and swap tokens within the Oasis ecosystem. The YuzuSwap platform itself is fully open to developers and members of the Yuzu DAO.

What are the core features?

  • Fair launch
There was no pre-mine. All tokens are mined block by block from the genesis . This includes team/foundation/investors tokens! Additionally, the amount of tokens mined in each block will halve every year.
  • Trade Once, Mine Forever

YuzuSwap's trade mining mechanism is designed based on a TPST (trading pool share token). Once users trade in incentivized trading pairs, they will get a balance in TPST, similar to LPT (liquidity provider token) as their evidence of trading. They will receive the trade mining token in each block according to the share of TPST. If the user does not claim the trade mining rewards, TPST balance will always be there and mine in each block until user chooses to claim the trade mining rewards, after which the TPST balance will reset to zero.
  • Buyback

Of the 0.3% transaction fee, 80% will go to the buyback smart contract. This contract will trigger buying YUZU token action if the price of it drops below the 72 hour average. So the more transaction fee accumulated, the healthier YUZU token price will be.
  • DAO Vault

The other 20% of the transaction fees will go to the DAO vault. The usage of the DAO vault will be voted by YUZU token holders. Possible uses include to incentivize developers to develop tools for YuzuSwap, co-invest in other projects on Oasis, and purchase insurance for YuzuSwap, and so forth.
  • Infinitely Extensible

YuzuSwap is able to be integrated into any projects on Oasis. For instance: users could collateralize their LPT (liquidity provider token) on the upcoming lending protocol on Oasis and regain their liquidity. Alternatively, they can also borrow LPT from the lending protocol to mine YUZU token without the concern of potential impermanent loss. The DAO vault may opt to purchasing insurance for pools on YuzuSwap, so even if unexpected incidents happen, those pools will be covered by insurance. Promising new projects on Oasis could apply for IDO/IFO on YuzuSwap, and it will be a great way to raise fund for projects from the community. Users with YUZU tokens will vote for which project may go live on the IDO/IFO launchpad, whether or not to allocate mining pool to the new token, and what percentage of the mining pool will be allocate to the new token, etc.
Last modified 1yr ago